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Derma Group (UK) Ltd has been created and developed with a combination of over 40 years of experience in the pharmaceutical, beauty and aesthetics industry.

From day one, the company’s successful mission is to bring to the market a variety of innovative, top of the range beauty device technologies available to the beauty and aesthetics industry, at an affordable monthly cost to help each and every one of their on-going and future clientele. 


Derma Group (UK) was founded by CEOs Mr R. Rineldi and Mr J. Marsland, who both have a passion for all things aesthetics, as well as wanting to help other businesses within the industry to thrive and reach their full potential. Their wealth of knowledge within the industry, alongside their beauty device technology expertise, fully demonstrates their dedication and enthusiasm to deliver outstanding results and exceptional customer service. 

Are you ready to take your business to the next level and increase your businesses revenue streams with our affordable monthly device rental plans? Don't be locked into expensive, long-term finance deals or one-off high value device purchases that will rapidly deteriorate your businesses cashflow and credit score. Derma Group (UK) LTD, is your sustainable, all-round solution.

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RF Needling

A Variety of Rentable Beauty Devices

Aesthetics & Beauty Machines at Affordable Prices!

Derma Group offers the opportunity to support a number of beauty, aesthetic and clinic owners by supplying a variety of innovative, high value and technologically advanced machine rentals at an all important affordable cost.

Our technologically advanced beauty devices are available on a fixed monthly plan, with no finance application or credit check required. Each and every one of our innovative Derma devices have a minimum rental term of just 12 months (with the chance to renew), and include our very own in-house accredited training package, alongside on-going device maintenance and support.


Derma Group Ltd is your one-stop business solution, into catapulting your business to its next level of success!


Visible Benefits

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Improve Fine Wrinkles Derma Group Ltd.png
Whitening Rejuvination Derma Group Ltd.png
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Skin Rejuveration Derma Group Ltd.png
Replenishes Skin 
Improve Fine Wrinkles

Feel free to contact us today to find out further information on all our accredited beauty devices and their corresponding monthly rental costs.

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